The Spa Well

The sulphurous spa well was the original reason for the existence of the hotel, and eventually the rest of Gilsland. It was certainly sampled by many of the visitors in the early years of the 20th century and judging by comments on postcards was generally approved. Despite the building of a fountain at the foot of the path down from the hotel, to which the water was eventually piped, the true source of the water is in the cliff face directly below the hotel. This is now long abandoned, but can still be found by determined explorers. It is visible from the other side of the river as a white streak.

C18 spa well

The Spa Well in the Eighteenth century

Engraving by T Allom, c1810


early card of the spa well

Early Card

Date posted: 6 September 1904

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spa well view

Spa in Decline

Date posted: 20 June 1918

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edwardians at the spa well

Pre-war Spa

Date posted: unused


spa well gilsland

Renovated Spa Well

Date posted: 11 August 1919

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new spa well

New Fountain

Date posted: 23 August 1930

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