GILSLAND Bits & Pieces

Gilsland Timeline

Most of the references in the SOURCE column can be found in full in the Gilsland Bibliography

c330 mya (mya = million years ago) Deposition of the Upper Border Group of Lower Carboniferous Viséan sandstones and limestones underlying Gilsland. Day, 1970
c122 Hadrian's Wall completed  
1603 Orchard House and Shaws estates recorded Lord William Howard's Survey
1608 Sale of Shaws estate Jenkin Carrok to Edmund Carrok Conveyance, Carlisle Rec.Off.
1610 Over Hall shown on the site of Wardrew House Speed's Map of Northd.
1641-53 English Civil War  
c1653 Record of a building on the site of Orchard House Bird, 1913
1688 Reference to Mumps Hall in a legal document. (Dinmont House also assigned to the late c17) Transcript
c1740 First Shaws Hotel built Mounsey, 1865
1745 Last Jacobite Incursion, Carlisle occupied Mounsey, 1846
1752 Wardrew House built Pevsner
1763 Shaws Estate sold by auction Newspaper advertisement
1777 Death of Margaret Teasdale Tombstone
1787 June - Robert Burns' visit to Gilsland Bird, 1913
1797 Scott's first visit and courtship of Miss Carpenter Lockhart, 1842
1804 Scott's second visit to Gilsland (according to The Scotsman) Scotsman, 23.Jan.1904, p12
1805 Scott's second visit to Gilsland (according to Lockhart & other biographers) Sutherland, 1995
1815 Spa Villa built by Major Mounsey Bird, 1913
1815 June - Tax on visitors for upkeep of the Home Walks (Bell, prop.) The Carlisle Patriot, 1815
1832 Death of Scott Lockhart, 1842
1836 Beauties of Gilsland (book published to co-incide with the opening of the railway) Steele, 1836
1838 Opening of Rosehill Railway Station Lamb, 2001
1841 Derogatory review of Shaws Hotel Granville, 1841
1842 June - John Hudspeth (prop.) Shaw's (sic) Hotel, "last season he will be a tenant" The Scotsman, 22.6.1842
1851 First reference to the Popping Stone in print W. Collingwood Bruce, 1851
1854 3rd Oct. - St Mary Magdalene Church consecrated Bird, 1913
1859 27th Aug. - Shaws Hotel burnt down Lamb, 2001
1861 First mention of the Popping Stone by name in print Carlisle Patriot, October 1861
c1865 Publication of Gillesland Mounsey, [1865]
1869 Rosehill Station renamed Gilsland Lamb, 2001
1869 Gilsland Methodist Church built Bird, 1913
1870 Rebuilding of St Cuthbert's, Nether Denton Chipchase, 2007
c1871 Latest dated image showing the old shape of the Popping Stone Lockhart, 1871
1872 Scott Centenary - country-wide celebrations e.g. Hunnewell, 1871
1874 23rd January - Death of G G Mounsey  
1875 Popping Stone "half its original size" Jenkinson, 1875
1876 27 June - Newspaper advert: "Shaws Hotel now thoroughly finished" (Gelderd, prop.) The Scotsman
c1880 Earliest photo I have yet found of the "new shape" Popping Stone Postcard
1883 Temperance Festival in Gilsland Hexham Courant
1901 Gilsland Spa Hotel established as a Co-op convalescent home Lamb, 2001
1901 Organ installed in St Mary Magdalene Bird, 1913
1905 1st July - Popping Stone bridge opened Bird, 1913
1960 Green Grove Cottages demolished Lamb, 2001
1967 Gilsland Station closed Pevsner
1992 End of History Fukuyama, 1992