FOLK SESSION – Howard Arms - Brampton

The folk session packed out the function room of the Howard Arms when we met on 16th April with the theme of ‘travelling’.  A warm welcome to visitors Mick from Lincolnshire; Rachael from Newcastle and John from Whitley Bay.

There were songs about the pleasures of travelling – Christine’s Travelling Light, Sally’s Tramps and Hawkers – but Sam warned us about the rootlessness of a roving life in Can’t help but wonder (where I’m bound).  We heard about departures (Gerda’s Mendocino), arrivals (Anne’s own song Day’s End) and Sweet journeys (Rachael on fiddle).

Some people tackled the theme from the perspective of modes of transport, so we heard about trains in Paddy works on the Railway (Alan); Blackpool Belle (Mary) and Leaving Nancy (Steve); ships in The Steamboat and The Big Ship (Gerda and Eileen on concertina) and The Grey Funnel Line (John); and finally air in Leaving on a jet plane (Steve).

Other people concentrated on routes and ways of getting there.  Phil took the Northwest Passage; Mick went by the Back Roads; Frank on diatonic accordion took us Over the water to Charlie; Rachael on fiddle took us via the Swing Bridge and Beverley Bypass.  Anne sang of the misadventures that befell a maid As I was going to Aylesbury while Adrian’s heroine was more fortunate On the road to Towsey Fair.  Charlie Chomse took Sir John all the way to Palestine and back in Lambton Worm; Stew’s own song True love is never blind made the furthest journey that evening, ‘one more time around the sun’, while Angus simply exhorted us to Get yourselves to Danny’s.   Miriam and Katy sang about metaphysical journeys to Heaven and Hell in, respectively, The Cruel Mother and I’ll fly away.

We meet next on 21st May at 8.30pm in the Howard Arms, Brampton.  The theme is ‘schooldays’ – songs inspired by Maths, French, English, Latin, Physics (???), History, Geography, Biology, Gym…songs you learned in singing lessons or in the playground…time to get creative!

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