FOLK SESSION – Howard Arms - Brampton

A select group of folk musicians, gathered in the upstairs room of the Howard for the third Tuesday session, were wondering if we had enough repertoire between us to fill the night’s theme. Little did we know that we would soon be outnumbered by a welcome flock of visiting folkies, celebrating a reunion of the Aberystwyth University Folk Club active in the seventies. Also, a welcome to Anne venturing here for the first time from Carlisle with her fiddle.

The theme for the evening was “Place Names”. Usually I try to take a tally of the theme references, (despite our absent Katy insisting there are no prizes), but this time there were just too many to count. We had Springburn in Angus’ Doon in the Wee Room, and Springhill, in Sally’s Springhill Nova Scotia. Ambleside’s the very best, in Graham’s Visions of Cumbria, while Mary stayed in The Lakes with The Bowness Ferry, and still in the region, Alan’s song about the building of the Settle to Carlisle Railway. Moving across country, Anne played the Morpeth Rant. Heading South, Bill had an interesting song about the dangers faced by the embryonic ordnance surveyors in Ordnance at Burton. Ruth was joined by everyone, hatless, on Ilkley Moor. Steve took us to Caledonia, and Sam and Phil crossed the Irish Sea to Carrickfergus, and Dublin City in Rare Old Times. Our favourite barman, Stew, pointed out that actually, there’s No Place Like Home. Possibly to honour our new friends ex-Aberystwyth, Christine sang The Carmarthen Oak.

Of our visiting friends (who had no prior knowledge of the theme), Barry took us to the City of New Orleans, and Ray, The Milwaukie Blues. Ray also took us to the Oakham Fox Hunt. Mike was talking in a ’phone box in Finsbury Park. Betty, with a beautiful voice, all the way from China, borrowed Angus’ guitar to give us a song in her own language, not sure whether it mentioned a place or not. Probably? All our visitors joined in with lusty chorus voices. The best rendition of the night goes to Paul with his poignant Ghost of Old Imber.

Irene and Frank played us out with Working on the Railway with all the instruments and voices in the room, joining in.

We next meet on 21st August starting at 8.30pm at The Howard Arms, Brampton.  The theme will be ‘The Sun; The Moon; The Stars’.  


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