ZOOM FOLK SESSION – Virtual Brampton

In defiance of pestilence and lockdown, folk music by Zoom continues undaunted, this time gathering in musicians from the north-east, Lincoln and the Pyrenees - a warm welcome to all newcomers.

The theme was ‘flowers’ – with an option of ‘nature’ if the floral theme proved too limiting.  There were generalised flowers in Where have all the flowers gone? (Elaine), Flower seeds (Mick) and Jan’s entertaining rendering of Joyce Grenfell’s nursery sketch Flowers.  Patsy and Robert’s Hungarian folk song Tavaszi Szel addresses the beloved as ‘my flower’ (at least, they assured us it did!)  

Roses were popular: we journeyed with the Rose of Allendale (Ged), and grieved with the fallen soldiers of the Rose of York (Sally Jones), praised the heroine of Bonny Irish Lass by comparing her to the rose (Phil) and ‘gathered rosebuds while we may’ in To the Virgins, to make much of time (Katy).  Adrian sneaked roses into his instrumental on melodeon, the Jenny Lind Polka, on the grounds that there is a rose of that name.  Primroses got an honourable mention in The Primrose Polka (Sally Hardaker on flute) and Sweet Nightingale (Ruth), as did Bluebells (Anne’s song about Lady Jane Grey) and broom (Low down in the broom – Gerda).  

All credit to those who worked round to flowers in devious ways: Alan Jefferson sang San Francisco because of its connection to the Flower Power generation, and Chris found a reference to lavender gloves in Calico Printer’s Clerk.  Full marks for ingenuity!

On a more general topic of nature, Bill ‘thought big’ with The sun and the moon tumbled down from the sky.  Thank you to Charlie for ‘welcoming in the summer’ with the ancient Hal an Tow, and to Penny for her contemporary praise of Liddle’s Wood.  Sally Hardaker on flute played The Blackthorn Stick and Steve invoked parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (Scarborough Fair).  Mary teased us with the parody of English Country Garden: nettles, burdock, and even ‘anaconda centipedes’.   And for punning contemporaneousness, how about Anne’s parody Where has all the flour gone?

We next meet – virtually, as pubs will still be shut – on 16th June at 8pm.  The theme will be ‘Journeys/Travelling’ (because we’ll all have cabin fever by then!)  I’ll update everyone on the mailing list nearer the time.  If you are not on the mailing list but would like to join in, please ring me (number on the website).

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