ZOOM FOLK SESSION – Virtual Brampton

It’s April, so what could be more natural than the theme of ‘Spring’ when we met for our Zoom session?  A warm welcome to new faces (and voices) Paul from Southampton and Ian from Macclesfield.

The fauna and flora of spring were popular.  We had what Phil described as a ‘hat trick of nightingales’: they featured in Tori’s The birds in the spring; Mick informed us that A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square, and Phil’s song was simply called The Nightingale.  Elaine invited us to Follow the Heron.  Blanche the baby owl (Mary) made an engaging and undignified effort at first flight.   Loch Lomond (Alan) mentions ‘the wild flowers of spring’; Ruth longed to be Where Primroses Grew and Sally on flute played us Pant corlan yr wyn (The Lamb’s Fold Vale).  The seasonal rebirth has an additional layer of meaning in the Easter hymn Now the green blade riseth (Ian).

Sam delighted in Springtime in the country; Katy longed to see Ma Normandie and Ged, by a cunning substitution of one word (‘spring afternoons’ for ‘warm afternoons’) included the pleasures of the season in Song for the Mira.  Chris praised spring on the Great Divide in the Night Rider’s Lament.  In tender and elegiac mood, Richard Hardaker’s Whither must I wander? grieved that spring will return, but the wanderer will never regain the home he left, while the ladies who go Dancing at Whitsun (Richard Harradine) honour their menfolk who died in the First World War.

Charlie gave us the Hal an Tow, and Gerda told us what happened As I roved out one May morning (Yay! You can’t have a spring-themed folk session without those, can you?)  Steve told us what he did ‘in the merry month of May’ with a Ball of Yarn (Tsk!) and Sylvia’s Mandarin song recounted The Story of Spring.  Various other events happened in spring: The Old Triangle (Mike) mentions ‘a fine spring evening’; The Lakes of Pontchartrain (Patsy and Bob) starts on ‘one fine March morning’; the sailors toil ‘all spring’ to raise The Mary Ellen Carter (Paul) from the seabed.  Anne, in mischievous mood, sang The Rehabilitation of the Drunken Sailor, based on recent blockage of the Suez Canal.

We next meet virtually on Tuesday 18th May at 8pm with the theme ‘Occupations’.  ALL WELCOME!

April  Review