ZOOM FOLK SESSION – Virtual Brampton

We had a session on 15th June that was not only entertaining but educational: the theme was ‘colour’ and we now know that black is an absence of colour, that silver and gold are not colours but ‘specular reflections from a white or yellow surface’ and that sage is an ‘iteration of green’.  In spite of this scientific information, we still included all these (non-)colours in our songs!

A warm welcome to Angela with her hurdy-gurdy and welcome back to Charlie Carr and his fiddle, joining us for the first time on Zoom.  Together with Adrian on melodeon, they made up our instrumentalists for the evening and worked heroically to find theme-related tunes: Dark girl dressed in blue and Man in brown hat (Angela); Bonnets of blue (Adrian); the hornpipe Boys of blue hill (Charlie).

Blues songs are a handy way of including a colour, so we heard the Cocaine blues from Mike and the Self-assembly blues (and yellows) from Sam Millington – also known as Lost in IKEA!  Jan sang of colour in general in True Colours and Sally gave us the children’s song Sing a Rainbow.  Some colours featured prominently in the titles: Green eyes (Mick); Red River Valley (Bev); Bright blue rose (Elaine); Blue moon (Ian) and Nut brown maid (Katy).   Maddy sang Grey Funnel Line and Steve sang Grey October Clouds – we are assured that grey is a colour!   From Mary we heard Roald Dahl’s wickedly funny version of Red Riding Hood, and from Ruth the charming She wears red feathers and a hula-hula skirt.

In other songs, the colours were tucked into the lyrics: there was a ‘red rocking chair’ in Gerda’s I ain’t got no sugar baby now and ‘purple shadows’ in Alan’s Isalei (a Fijian song about the sadness of leaving).  Sylvia’s Mandarin song Grassland at night is beautiful mentioned green grassland and a silver star.  Phil found blue, bright orange and sage in The Hard Cheese of old England and, in similar edible vein, Aitch recommended Chocolate ‘when your chequebook is red and you feel blue’.  Eleanor and Sam Simmons summoned goats of red, pink, blue, green and white in the Welsh Oes gafr eto (what exciting goats you must have in Wales!)

We next meet on 20th July at 8pm, still by Zoom.  Our theme will be ‘Transport’ – cars, planes, buses, horses, boats…are there any songs about motorbikes?  ALL WELCOME!

June  Review