ZOOM FOLK SESSION – Virtual Brampton

FOLK SESSION – Virtual Brampton

Seven months on and we continue to keep the tradition of live music going via Zoom.  We met up virtually on 15th September with the theme of ‘Harvest/Autumn’.  Welcome to newcomer Aitch, joining us from Cambridge for the first time.

Autumn as the hunting season was the setting for Westlin’ Winds (Gerda) and The Noble Fox Hunting (Phil), while autumn as a preparation for winter is the background to The Man in Green (Ged). Who knows where the time goes? (Mick) starts with the birds leaving in autumn.  Steve’s Grey October Clouds alludes to the autumn of life.  Highest marks for literary endeavour must go to Ruth who recited Thomas Hood’s poem about her namesake Ruth, gleaning ‘breast-high amid the corn’.

The varied aspects of the harvest home lent themselves to treatments both musical and poetical: hard work in Ox-plough song (Sam and Eleanor Simmons); celebration in Harvest Bells (Aitch) and Harvest home (Sally Hardaker on flute); plenty in Drink, boys, drink (Adrian); gratitude in The Lord is good to me (Mary).  Sam Millington reminded us of the hardships and dangers faced by those who feed the world in Harvest of the Sea (about the wreck of the Solway Harvester) and Trouble in the fields (surviving on a farm in the 1930s).  John worked the land (Bill Dodds) recalled the extreme hazards of farming in the Borders in the days of the reivers.

Harvest leads fairly naturally into the environment: Elaine sang her own Salmon Song about the ecology of the River Tweed, and Alan recited God in His love has lent us this planet.

Then there are the products of the harvest: Sally Jones praised The ripe and bearded barley; Richard, tongue-in-cheek, sang the ballad of The Grassington Rhubarb; Sally Hardaker played Corn Rigs; Aitch and Katy celebrated, respectively, Nut-Brown Ale and Dead Dog Cider and Sam and Eleanor took us Hopping down in Kent (alcohol seems to feature rather a lot!)

We next meet – virtually, we assume – on 20th October at 8pm.  ALL WELCOME, including people who would just like to listen!  The theme will be ‘Numbers’ – anything that mentions a number, which includes dates of course.  

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