FOLK SESSION – Howard Arms - Brampton

The theme of ‘schooldays’ was a challenging one, when we met on 21st May, but the Brampton folk session always rises to a challenge!  Welcome to newcomers Ian from Moffat and Mick from Newcastle, and welcome back to Cath and Geoff.

The most cunning connection to the theme was certainly Sally’s - she recited Susan Simpson because it had been the name of a girl in her class!  Ian came close to her in ingenuity when he sang Blue Suede Shoes (because all the girls in his year were mad about Elvis)

School evoked some pretty mixed reactions: Flowers are red (Angus) and Among the Gorse (Gerda) described the stunting and controlling effects of formal education; on the other hand, Ian’s The L&N don’t stop here any more recommended school as a way to escape life down the pit.  Phil’s autobiographical Schooldays recalled a none-too-happy time at school, whereas Steve sang Stand by me to honour the teachers who had believed in him.  Geoff’s Three-day millionaire and Mick’s Schooldays over looked forward to the thrilling and unnerving moment of leaving school for the privileges and labour of adult life.

The music of schoolroom and playground was well-represented.  Frank on diatonic accordion played Aboot the bush, Willy; Linden Lea and Bonny fisher lad; Ruth got us all singing along to The big ship sails; Anne to the macabre Weila Waile; Mick to the singing game I’ll tell me Ma.  Cath recited the poem A Calendar, about children’s toys and games changing with the seasons.

Of course, the aim of school is learning, and just to prove that we did all learn something, we heard about: Maths (Standard deviation – Sam); Chemistry (The Elements- Alan Jefferson); History (Ye Jacobites by name – Christine); basic skills (Socialist ABC – Phil); environmental science (Leviathan- Steve); Latin (Tempus adest floridum- Katy) and domestic science (The Wonderful Soup Stone – Sam).

We next meet on Tuesday 18th June at 8.30pm in The Howard Arms, Brampton. The theme will be ‘landscapes’ (hills, valleys, coasts, cliffs, lakes, moors….)  ALL WELCOME!  

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