ZOOM FOLK SESSION – Virtual Brampton

The Brampton folk session had its third virtual meeting on 16th June.  Having to meet online means that we miss some of our regulars, but we do continue to have the pleasure of contributors from Berwick, the north-east, Aylesbury and the Pyrenees.

Our theme was ‘Travel/journeys’, on the principle of wishful thinking because we have done so little travelling since lockdown, and we certainly covered a lot of ground in music and song.  To start with the UK, we travelled in the north country with the Lish Young Buy-a-Broom (Anne), gloried in the Rolling English Road (Maddy), visited Poldhu Cove with Sam and followed Richard on his bicycle from John o’Groats to Land’s End (End-to-end).  Methods of travel also got a mention: Mary was content to hymn the Transport of Delight (the London bus!) but Jan’s poem You make me late again was a jaundiced look at a quarrelsome car journey.

Further afield, Patsy and Bob bade farewell to the Cliffs of Dooneen, while Elaine’s rover returned to Ireland in Trasna na dTonnta.  Wander Thirst (Katy) expressed a longing to roam, whereas Gerda invited the wanderer to return to the Lights of Home.

And further still…Sally on flute took us Off to California and Phil crossed Canada seeking The Northwest Passage.  With Ged, we visited The Green, Rolling Hills of West Virginia; with Mick we headed for Portland in Oregon; Riding down from Bangor (Maine) with Ruth we experienced the most innocently risqué adventure ever penned.  Napoleon Bonaparte (Charlie) looked back on his career from St Helena; Charlotte probably covered the widest geographical area with Peru, Kathmandu, Sydney, Honolulu – and all under the title The Irish Pub!

Finally, there are other types of journey: Alan Jefferson took us into the mouth of Hell with Tennyson’s Charge of the Light Brigade and Steve anticipated the journey to Heaven in the spiritual Wayfaring Stranger.  Bill followed the journey of the years in Circle Game.

The next session will be at 8pm on 21st July – in what mode or manner we have yet to find out!  It will depend heavily on how much the rules are relaxed, so please watch out for emails (or ring).  The theme will be summer/holidays, so whether we foregather in the flesh or virtually, we can start practising now!

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