FOLK SESSION – Howard Arms - Brampton

Again, lots of enthusiasts at the folk session on the 16th July. We welcomed back the singing duo, Julie and Hillary from Whitley Bay, with their friend Janis, also Mick from Lincoln with his Q-Chord, and newcomer Stuart. Good to have new faces in the audience too, Anne and entourage from Great Corby, Ray and Margaret, Stuart’s friend Ron and many others.

The theme this month was “health”, and there were a lot of contributions although many were targeted at the lack of health, or the risks that affect it. Frank’s “Dear Tobacco” being one example, although, to be fair, he had kicked the session off with the more positive, “The Healer”. We don’t issue points or, indeed award prizes, but if we did, Mary would score twenty-six with her “ABC” from Arthritis to Zest. Sally had us in tears over “Van Gogh’s Ear” though there was no mention of Jacobites lending one to him after his dropped off and was trodden on. Ruth told as about Polly Oliver’s military nursing skills; Eileen taught us that “Relaxation” was the way to good health.

Allan Jefferson described the privations and health hazards the navvies faced at Ribblehead; Steve sang a song inspired by the song writer’s father, a miner, dying of pneumoconiosis, “Roll on the Day”. Also in coal mining territory, Angus talked about broken bones in “Close the Coal House Door”. The depression of a poet’s unfulfilled love was evident in Stuart’s “Raglan Road”.

The rather sombre note caused by the theme was reversed with Christine’s “Spoon Full of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down”, and likewise Phil at the last moment abandoned his proposed songs of death and gloom to question the mental health of his Uncle Walter, who couldn’t help  “Dancing with Bears”. Mick tackled sleeplessness in “Green Eyes”. Eyeballs, glass ones, were present in Janis’ “After the Ball Was Over”, together with numerous other prosthetics. Julie and Hillary touched on an unhealthy diet in “There’s a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis”.

Frank finished us off the way he started by reminding us to “Button Up Your Overcoat”.

We next meet on 20th August at 8.30pm at The Howard Arms, Brampton.  The theme will be “Sport and Recreation”.  ALL WELCOME!

July Review