ZOOM FOLK SESSION – Virtual Brampton

Still flying the flag for live music in adversity, the Brampton folk session met via Zoom on 21st July with the theme of summer and holidays – just a touch of wishful thinking there.  

To start with ‘holidays’: we had day trips on the Blackpool Belle with Mary and to Bangor with Anne (The Day we went to Bangor), and went hillwalking with Phil on a Cloudberry Day.   Mick’s Summer People, on the other hand, described the descent of tourists on a small town from the jaundiced  point of view of the town’s inhabitants.  Jan’s comic poem Packing described one of the non-delights of the holiday season.  And full marks to David for sheer brass neck in arguing that Van Diemen’s Land was the first ever holiday destination!

Holidays notoriously include times of lost love: Patsy and Bob sang Dylan’s Sara (because it starts with children playing on the beach), while the presence of The Boy from Rye (Mick) in a seaside town over the summer awakens the local girls to adolescent awareness.

Allusions to ‘summer’ ranged from the explicit to the creative.  Ay waukin’ o (Gerda) started with the proposition ‘Summer’s a pleasant time’; Ruth sang the hymn, Summer suns are glowing – to the tune ‘Ruth’, of course!  We heard Summertime (Bob); Summer’s End (Sam) and John Denver’s Summer (Alan).  A song for the Myra (Ged) mentions ‘summer nights’; The Barley Raking (Katy) ‘fell about the summer time’; Country Life (Bill) took us right through the seasons, summer included. More obliquely, Charlie celebrated the successes of the Allen Valley Quoits League ‘because it’s a fine summer game’; Steve sang Grey October Clouds ‘because it was about the end of summer’ and Sam reminded us in Armstrong that the first moon landing took place on 20th July 1969 (making all of us who could remember it feel very old).

Our next meeting will be on 18th August at 8pm.  We are assuming that it will probably still have to be ‘virtual’ but if the rules change, I’ll notify everyone on the mailing list.  The theme will be ‘families/relations’ because we’re all so sick of not being able to see them!  All welcome – if anyone fancies just joining us to listen, that’s fine too.

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