Independent Archaeology in the Marches

Appleby Archaeology Group

Biggar Archaeology

Hyperactive field archaeology group, run by Tam Ward.  You just can't stop them digging up Palaeolithic artefacts (which, as all professionals know, aren't found in Scotland).

Coquetdale Community Archaeology

Active group launched with NNPA support but now independent.  The official website petered out after 2008 but the group have a presence on Rothbury Village website.  They can be contacted through David Jones.

Solway Diggers

Friendly bottle collectors' group.

The Birleys' post-modern approach to classicism means that there is something for everyone to enjoy - or decry - at this superb site.  The hauntingly atmospheric shrine to the water nymphs is worth a visit on its own.

West Cumberland Archaeology

Working at St Mary's Abbey, Holm Cultram.  No website, on Facebook, contact Pat Bull



Hexham Courant 27 August 2010

A mention in Wendy Bond's Greenhead News column

Cumberland News 17 September 2010 "Unearthing the History of North Cumbria's farms"

Apologies for this, it's mostly wrong or garbled or both. Thanks, though to Cumberland News for juxtaposing the article with Tullie House's dolly-bird PR lady seeking loadsamoney for an unprovenanced and frankly rather silly Roman helmet.  What is "economic tourism" anyway - and do we want them here?

Cumbria Today magazine, December 2011, an article by Andrew Gallon: "Two White Sticks" about our field walking activities.


Ceramic Makers' Marks

Some Northumberland Brick Manufacturers

My Brick Collection

Old Bricks