roman melon bead roman melon bead

Site: Low Houses Farm, Cumbria (field walking), 17 May 2011

Find No.:  LH001

Co-ordinates: N 54.94866 W 2.65691 (NY 58026175)

Notes: The bead is translucent and appears to be made of glass rather than faience.

Identification: The large size and fluting are very similar to beads found on other Roman sites, e.g. Vindolanda, which has four on display in the museum.

Comments: These beads seem to be associated with Roman military sites and are usually found singly.  It has been suggested that they may have been used by soldiers to decorate equipment (or as a woggle ?) instead of civilian use as a necklace.  The find has been grudgingly displayed on the Portable Finds Website.  (link)