Victorian Clay Pipes

Sites: Greenhead, Northumberland (field walking)

Notes: 19th century clay pipe designs typical of the Gilsland area including large, plain bowls, wheat ear and fluted patterns. One is black, and I have seen several other examples of black pipes which I thought quite interesting, but pipe specialists are rather dismissive about it ! Pringle (of Carlisle) is recorded in the 1851 census and in trade directories up to 1897 (ref.).

Late-19th Century Clay Pipe

Site: Irthing Bridge, Gilsland (casual find)

Co-ordinates: N 54.99154 W 2.57669 (NY63196648)

Notes: Pattisons developed rapidly in the 1890s and crashed spectacularly in 1898, taking much of the scotch whisky industry with it. One of the company's hallmarks was extensive advertising. (ref.)

Late-17th Century Clay Pipe

Site: Herd Law, Moss Peteral Farm, Northumberland (excavation)

Find number: CCS09

Co-ordinates: N 55.01335 W 2.49308 (NY68566886)

Notes: This, and other pieces of clay pipe, were found embedded in the turf walls of an eighteenth century farmstead at Herd Law.  This context suggests that they were already lying in the turf when it was cut to build the walls.

Identification: Heather Coleman ( http://www.dawnmist.demon.co.uk/pipdex.htm )