Field Walking 2011


Date: 3 July 2010

Location: N 55.01864 W 2.47082 (NY69996944) "Johnsons Hill"

Altitude: 220m

Notes: A footpath, thought to have been a drove road, crosses the field in a NE-SW line and Burn Divot, associated with droving, is nearby.  Some fragments of earthenware field drain, coal and white particles, probably lime.

Finds: One dark grey flint flake and a small, corroded, early 19th century horseshoe.

Discussion: The lack of pottery is interesting as the field is quite close to a farm house. The flake may be radiolarian chert, typical of sources in southern Scotland.

Greengate Well

Date: 23 July 2010

Location: N 55.00278 W 2.52303 (NY66646770)

Altitude: 180m

Notes: A footpath, thought to have been a drove road, crosses the field.  Numerous pieces of terracotta field drain and coal fragments.

Finds: Three flint flakes 19 - 44mm, a 17th century horseshoe and 38 pieces of 18th-19th century pottery and glass, distributed all over the field.

Discussion: The three flint flakes were lying close together, suggesting knapping activity; the horseshoe could be linked to traffic along the drove road.

High Old Shield

Date: 5 August 2010

Location: N 54.9984 W 2.5212 (NY66756722)

Altitude: 180m

Notes: Field area 5.25Ha, with a stony ridge.  A footpath runs across it.  Numerous coal fragments.

Finds: 56 pieces of 19th century glazed pottery and glass, widely distributed but concentrated at the southern end.  3 fragments of clay tobacco pipe dated to C19 from the narrow stem bore and large thin-walled bowl with wheatsheaf design.