Many ceramic objects bear a stamp or moulding giving details of the maker and sometimes the date. These are naturally of interest to the local historian and are often attractive in themselves. The following are mainly from the south Northumberland - north Cumbria area.

J. Jameson & Son, Corbridge on Tyne

jameson of corbridge stamp

Object: Square-section salt-glazed buff chimney pot

Text: J. Jameson & Son. Corbridge-on-Tyne

Date: Probably around 1900.

Location: St. Wilfrid's Road, Hexham (NY93456387). Many of the flats on the west side of St. Wilfrid's Road have these pots and a smaller, less well finished type.

Notes: Jameson's was founded in 1871, incorporated as a limited company in 1901 and went into receivership in 1982. A brief history can be found at the National Archives website.

W. Hudspith, Haltwhistle

stamp on garden ornament

Object: Gnarled tree trunk salt-glazed garden ornament.

Text: W. Hudspith Haltwhistle South Tyne Works

Date: 1860s

Location: Haltwhistle High Street (NY70656407)

Notes: The object is now in use as a gate-post and has been altered and repaired. It bears two maker's stamps, one half destroyed, and a hand-written signature "T R 186". Presumably the last digit of the date has been obscured. This individual may have been Thomas Reay, brother of William who was a co-founder of the Errington Reay pottery which still makes salt-glazed ware at Bardon Mill. See Haltwhistle Burn Website

Hudspith, Haltwhistle

ceramic stamp

Object: Buff brick

Text: Hudspith

Date: Later 19th century

Location: Haltwhistle

Notes: William Hudspith was a brick maker in Haltwhistle, apparently starting in the 1860s and moving to a new brickworks at the confluence of the Haltwhistle Burn and S. Tyne later in the century. See Haltwhistle Burn Website


ceramic stamp on garden ornament

Object: Gnarled tree trunk salt-glazed garden ornament.

Text: W 10 ? X M No. 21912?

Date: 19th century ?

Location: Haltwhistle

Notes: There are numerous examples of ornate tree-stump garden ornaments in gardens in Haltwhistle. Can you tell me where they came from and interpret this stamp ?

T. Blythe & Sons, Birtley Station

blythe & sons brick

Object: Red brick

Text: T. Blythe & Son E R 1904 Birtley Station

Date: 1904

Location: Rye Terrace, Hexham

Notes: Blythe's seems to have been a large brickworks with examples reported from Amble and Tyneside. They must have been competitively priced as there were many brickworks closer to these places. See Some Northumberland Brick Manufacturers

Pattison's Whisky Blenders

C19 pattisons clay pipe bowl

Object: Clay tobacco pipe with embossed advertisement.

Text: Drink Pattison's Scotch

Date: Late 19th century

Location: Irthing Bridge, Gilsland (NY63196648)

Notes: Pattisons developed rapidly in the 1890s and crashed spectacularly in 1898, taking much of the scotch whisky industry with it. One of the company's hallmarks was extensive advertising. (ref.)

G. Hamilton, Hexham

C19 hamilton's clay pipe stems

Object: Clay tobacco pipe stem

Text:: G. Hamilton Hexham

Date: Mid-late 19th century

Location: Thirlwall Castle Farm - field walking finds (NY65986668)

Notes: George Hamilton is recorded as a pipe maker in Hexham in the 1841 census and the 1855 Whellans Directory.

Pringle, Carlisle

C19 pringle's clay pipe stem

Object: Clay tobacco pipe stem

Text: Pringle Carlisle

Date: Mid-late 19th century

Location: Greenhead - field walking find (NY67086432)

Notes: Pringle is recorded as a pipe-maker in Carlisle in the 1851 census and in trade directories up to 1897. (ref.)

Errington Reay, Bardon Mill

errington reay stamp

Object: Large salt-glazed pot

Text: Errington Reay & Co Ltd 2013 England IL Bardon Mill

Date: 2013

Location: Errington Reay Pottery

Notes: Salt-glaze pottery still in operation, making mainly garden ornaments.