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Poorly edited catalogue of sites, mentions Herd Law as "Calfstone Sike"

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Survey, but no excavation, of a group of 20 shielings, some with enclosures.

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Comprehensive, Contains chapters on S Scotland & Beyond the Border

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Self-published review of a lifetime's collection of historical documents relating to the Gilsland Spa estate and surroundings. Quirky and opinionated, but nevertheless one of the best (and most plagiarised) sources for this area. Rare, but copies in Carlisle Library & Record Office & Entire text online.

Ramm, H G, McDowall, R W, Mercer, E. 1970. Shielings and Bastles; HMSO (RCHM)

Still the standard work on shielings & farmsteads in this area. A good attempt to catalogue and categorise late- and post-mediaeval ruins before many were destroyed by afforestation.

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Contained 14th century pottery; associated stack stand and enclosure.

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Thought-provoking extension of some ideas concerning the relevance of Cumbric place names in elucidating the history of North Cumbria. Recent analysis of the Lanercost Cartulary has added new forms and names, catalogued and utilised here.

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Contains a wealth of information about the history of the National Trust estate around Housesteads.