The Popping Stone, Gilsland

The Popping Stone in 1910

The Popping Stone in 1910

The Popping Stone flooded by a very high River Irthing. The card was not posted, but written on the back is "Mr Bonar - South Shields, Mrs Wilson - Sunderland, August 31st 1910"

This is an amateur photo-postcard (a photographic print onto a pre-printed postcard) of which there are numerous examples around this time. The picture hints at the essence of the pre-WW1 spa; well-to-do working class people from the north-east, and a whiff of innuendo.


The Popping Stone around 1910

Amateur photo postcard postmarked 1910. This is a very clear photograph of the "New Shape" Popping Stone which clearly shows the shape of the stones unencumbered by vegetation, and with the base exposed by scouring.

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