The Teasdale & Carrick Gravestones at Over Denton

The gravestone of Margaret Teasdale, model for Scott's character Tib Mumps, can be seen in Over Denton churchyard. It is, however, only one of five stones commemorating Teasdales and Carricks/Carrocks, all proudly announcing residence at Mumps Hall. Four of the stones are of almost identical design with an ornate back, the oldest being smaller and simpler. Margaret Teasdale's is the central one, and bears the famous four-line inscription "What I was once . .". Some of the stones may have been moved from their original positions as there is a description of one being in front of another.

teasdale gravestones at Denton

Facing the stones, from the left they belong to:
1. John Teasdale (died ??88)
2. Unable to decipher
3. Margaret Teasdale (died 1777)
4. Margarett Carrick (died 1717)
5. Margret Teasdale (died 1779)

The Inscriptions

1. Here lieth the Body of
John Teafdale of Mumpf
hall who Died November
??88 aged ?? years
Being the laft (?)
(?) (?) Teasdale
of Mumpfhall

2. Difficult to decipher

3. Here lieth the Body
of  Margaret
Teafdale of Mumps
hall who died May
the 5th 1777 Aged 98
What I was once some may relate
What I am now is each one's fate
What I shall be none may explain
Till He that called call again

4. Mumpshall
Here lies the Body of
Magarett Carrick
Ye wife of Tho. Carr
ick who departed
this life ye 4 of
Decem 1717 in the 100 year of
her age

5. Here lies the Body of
Margret Teasdale of
Mumpshall who died
Oc the 7 1779 aged 59