Mumps Hall, Gilsland

Legal Document dated 1758


Carlisle Records Office

AH (1705-80)
Practice papers
Bundle marked "Law Papers"
FILE [no title] - ref. D HUD 8/12/9 - date: 1758
Handwritten document, probably a draft.

( _ ) Indecipherable word; (word ?) dubious interpretation; my own arbitrary division into paragraphs

To all People to whom this present (Indue ?) of award shall come greeting.

Whereas a certain information was (exhibited ?) in His present Majesty’s Court of Kings Bench at Westmoreland in Hillary Term last past by Thomas Hollinworth who ( sued ?) as well for our Sovereign Lord the King as for Himself against Margaret Teasdale late of Mumps hall in the County of Cumberland Widow Bridget Teasdale late of the same place Spr (=spinster ?) Elizabeth Teasdale late of the same place Spr Thomas Teasdale late of the same place labourer amongst other things for unlawfully violently & forcibly resisting opposing molesting obstructing & hindering Ralph Gale & Robert Spencer two of his Majesty’s Officers of Excise with the due execution of their office contrary to the form of the statute made in the 8th year of the Reign of his late Majesty King George the first ( _ ) an act ( _ ). To which said information the said MT, BT, ET, TT pleaded not guilty upon which ( _ ) joined.

And the said cause coming on to be tried at ye assizes held at the City of Carlisle in & for the said County of Cumberland on Saturday ye 29th Day of July last before the Rt. Honourable William Lord Mansfield Chief Justice of our said Lord the King assigned to hold pleas before the King Himself and the Honourable Sir Sydney Stafford Smythe Kt. one of the Barrons of His Majestys Court of Exchequer. Two of His Majestys justices assigned to take the said assizes according to the (statute ?). At which assizes a certain order was made between the said parties whereby it was ordered by ye (consort ?) of the said parties & their attourneys that the last juror of the jury (impaneled ?) & sworn in the said ( _ ) should be withdrawn from the said panel and that all Matters in Difference between the said parties should be so joined to the award and determination of Andrew Hudleston Esq. so that he should make and publish this award in writing on or before Christmas day inst.

And if either of these parties after notice in writing to Her or Him or her or his attourney by the ( _ ) of the said parties on her or his attourney should not attend the said arbitration that then the said arbitration be at liberty to proceed (Exparte ?) And that each party perform the said award to be thereupon made & published and that No ( Bile ? ) in equity be preferred against the said arbitration for anything done in performance of these orders. And that the said order should be made a (Rule ?) of His Majestys Court of Kings Bench of the justices of the said Court should so please.

Now know that I Andrew Hudleston of Hutton John in the said County of Cumberland Esq. the said arbitrator taking upon me the business of the said award and having fully examined and duly considered the proofs Allegations and Witnesses of all the said parties upon such examination and consideration of the said Proofs Allegations & Witnesses having found the said Margaret Teasdale Bridget Teasdale Elizabeth Teasdale Thomas Teasdale guilty of the offences specified & contained in the (bottom ?) and third counts of the said Information Do make and publish this my award in manner following that is today.

First I do order and award that all further proceedings touching the said Information shall from henceforth (coafs ?) (dehermmes ?) & be no further prosecuted & that oath (should be “both” ?) of the said Parties shall bear & pay his & their own costs & charges in any wise relating to or concerning the said parties.

And I do also order and award that the said MT, BT, ET, TT shall pay or cause to be paid unto the said Tho. Hollinworth the sum of within days of the date hereof.

And I do also order and award that the said Tho. Hollinworth on the receipt of the said sum of shall in due Form of Law execute a release (sufficient ?) for the releasing to the said MT, BT, ET, TT all further (proceedings ?) touching or concerning the said Information on every matter relating (thereunto ?) from the filing of the said Information till this Day.

And lastly I do also order and award that ye said MT, BT, ET, TT shall in due form of Law (Execute ?) a release to the said Tho. Hollinworth Ralph Gates & Tho. Spencer and that they Tho. Hollinworth Ralph Gates & Tho. Spencer shall in due form of law execute a release to MT, BT, ET, TT which said releases to be sufficient for the releasing each to the other all Actions & Causes of Action touching on or concerning any thing done by them or any of them & (about ?) the ( _ ) offences charged in the said Information or of or concerning any matter or thing done by them or any of them touching concerning or relating thereto from the beginning of the World to the time of making the said order.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this day of In the year of our Lord 1758.